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Friday, 26 April 2013

100% Australian made and designed - The Renaissance Range

100% Australian Made & Designed

The Renaissance Range

Exquisite quality Embossed Folded Cards and envelopes made in Australia.
Designing, Hot Foil Printing and lining of envelopes executed with exteme attention to detail by Sue.
This range can be ordered with or without lined envelopes (photograph below) as per my last blog post with prices. Please see below the beautiful fine striped linings in Gold for Cream envelopes and Silver for White envelopes with corresponding Hot Foiled folded Cards!
Coming soon:
Soon to be available on the Personality Stationery Web site, but can be ordered now by sending an email to Sue at:

White Embossed Folded Cards with Silver Initial. Envelopes lined with Fine Silver Stripe

Cream Embossed Folded Cards with Gold Initial. Envelopes lined with Fine Gold Stripe.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Personalised Stationery at it's Best

The Beautiful Renaissance Range

This exquisite new range of Personalised Stationery is printed on Landscape Folded Cards of exceptional quality bearing Stylized Initials. This makes such a gracious, personal & unique gift for anyone.

Cream Embossed Folded Cards 22 x 15.9cm (300gsm)
White Embossed Folded Cards 22 x 15.9cm (300gsm)

The Initial you choose is printed individually on to the Front of each Embossed Card using the age old method of Hot Foiling which is surely the “crème de la crème” of printing? Gold Foil on the Cream Embossed Cards, and Silver Foil on the White Embossed Cards. Should you require another colour foil for printing, this can be arranged. The letters themselves are romantic and gracious and have been especially designed and chosen for you by Sue.

Initialed Embossed Cards & matching Plain Envelopes:
20 = $45.95     40 = $90.95     100 = $215.95 + Postage
Initialed Embossed Cards with Special Lined Envelopes (gold or silver lined):
20 = $55.95     40 = $105.95    100 = $250.95 + Postage

The Renaissance Alphabet

Please contact Sue at Personality Sationery, on to order these very special cards & envelopes, which come boxed in the beautiful Personality Candy Stripe boxes for ladies, or Grey Pin striped boxes for men with Satin ribbons and tassles.
Due to the high demand for these Unique Cards, Sue will soon be placing them on the Personality Stationery web site for easy ordering & payment. Do hope you love them too?